The 90 Percent Factor

The 90% Factor

By Art Rayburn
Most people who work an MLM home business simply do not treat their business like a business. They treat their business like a “get-rich-quick” scheme and so they fail. MLM or Network Marketing is a real home based business… and to succeed you must treat it as one. Over my years in Network Marketing I have built organizations of over 17,000 members and I have personally recruited hundreds and hundreds of individuals. The reason I have been able to accomplish such success is because I simply did the same thing every other successful person business does: I utilize a simple yet effective follow-up system.

Having a great product is necessary for long term MLM success… but there are a lot of good products out there. A fair and balanced compensation plan makes it easier for the average Networker to see some income flow. But the real success is in the follow up.
•Why do Big Corporations run the same TV advertisement over & over until you know it by heart? … Because repetition & follow-up work!
•Why do major “Direct Mail” companies send you a new catalog over & over, even though you’ve never placed an order? … Because repetition & follow-up work!
•Why do 6-Figure MLM Money Makers have an easy to duplicate follow-up system? …Because repetition & follow-up work!
Over my years in the MLM industry, I have recruited 90% of my new members on the follow-up. Very few new distributors will join your program from the first postcard or from viewing your ad for the first time.

To succeed with any MLM program, you need to follow-up with each  prospect several times. I recommend sending 3 postcards to each prospect over a 3 month period. Also send 7 emails to each prospect. Using an auto responder is the easiest way to accomplish sending emails.  This is a very simple system… but it works! Your prospects see the postcards… read a few of emails… and some of them will check out your web site or request further information.

A twist on this system is to offer a self-mailer or complete information pack. When a prospect receives your postcard, they return the postcard to you with a nominal fee of cash or stamps to receive the information pack. Then you send them the complete information pack and two other follow-up pieces at one month intervals!

The postcard generates super qualified leads by offering them a complete information pack. Those super qualified leads then receive a total of 3 pieces of marketing information.  And of course your 7 emails continually go out to ALL your leads. Success is in the Follow-up! That’s the 90% factor!

And to make this type of simple, yet very effective follow-up system work… you must stick with it for at least 12 months! Set a 12-month budget and stick with it. If you can only afford to mail to 100 prospects… do that. If you can
afford to mail to 250 prospects… that’s even better. Just stick with it for 12 months!

If you will implement this type of system… and actually work it for 12 months… you will see your MLM home business grow.


Copyright 2007 Art Rayburn

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