Four Beliefs to MLM Success

The Four Beliefs to MLM Success

By Art Rayburn
There are four beliefs that every successful Network Marketer must have.


1) Belief in the Company for which you are a distributor.

Is the company you represent a reputable Company? Are they distributor friendly? Is their pay plan fair & lucrative for both the part-timer and the full-timer? Does the Company have a good track record of delivering products & commission checks on time? These are just some of the questions you must be able to answer in the positive about your Company.

If the Company you represent does not meet these criteria you need to find a new one. There are literally thousands of legitimate companies to choose from. To be successful in your business you must believe in the Company you represent.

Of course there is no perfect Company and everyone has doubts from time to time. Also there will be things about the Company that you don’t agree with… or you would do differently if you owned the Company. That’s only normal. But if these differences & doubts get to be too much, it will show through while talking to prospects. This will cause prospects to not only doubt the Company… but to doubt your sincerity also.


2) You must also believe in the products or service you represent.

It should go without saying that the Company you represent must offer “real” products or services with real value. But it’s sad to say, there are too many “shady” MLM companies that offer no “real” product or service. They are basically just a money game. Stay away from these so called opportunities. They will only take your money and last for a very brief time!

Are the products offered by your MLM Company good products? You should use the product or service offered by your MLM Company on a regular basis. And you should do so because you want to use the product or service… not because you have to buy their product just to meet your monthly purchase qualification. Now don’t get me wrong. Many people join an MLM opportunity because of the business opportunity. And that’s fine. But if the products are so bad that you yourself don’t even use them… then how can you actively recommend these products to anyone else.


3) You must believe in Network Marketing as a legitimate home-based business opportunity!

If you think that you into some kind of “shady” deal… so will your prospects. Network Marketing is not only a legitimate home-base business opportunity… it’s a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.  You should be proud to be a Network Marketer. Don’t try to trick people into attending one of your “opportunity meetings”. Let prospects know up front that your business opportunity is Network Marketing. And tell them why this is the greatest home-based business opportunity in the world!


4) You must believe in yourself.

In other words… you must believe that you can successfully build a moneymaking MLM organization. If you doubt your own abilities or determination… you simply will not succeed.  Of course you might not have all the skills required to be a successful Network Marketer. And that’s okay. But you must believe & have the determination to obtain the needed skills for MLM success. And of course, that’s why you are studying this training course!  Don’t settle for second best. Learn all that you can about this industry. Continually educate yourself. Believe in yourself. And then put action to your beliefs.
These four beliefs will help you succeed in Network Marketing. But be aware that these beliefs won’t necessarily develop over night. It takes time to develop your beliefs, especially belief in yourself. Don’t place your MLM career on hold while you develop your belief system. Simply build your MLM business & build your belief system at the same time.


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