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The Steady, Methodical and Low-Cost Way to Build Massive Network Marketing Wealth!

By Art Rayburn


No Fluff! Just the Money Making Facts!

Building a Network Marketing business is the last opportunity for most everyday people to increase their financial fortunes. This great industry has taken more people from rags to riches than any other industry in the world. But… to succeed in Network Marketing you need a workable success plan. Basically there are 3 ways to build your Network Marketing business: online marketing, postcards, and advertising in home business magazines.

Online marketing, including utilizing social networks, pay per click advertising, and blogging… all take specialized skills. Some individuals are able to learn these skills and create huge Network Marketing wealth. But for most people, developing the skills needed to create online wealth is just not achievable. So that leaves two basic business building methods that can work for anyone… even the shyest person in the world. These two methods are mailing postcards and placing ads in home business magazines.

There are pros and cons to both postcards and magazine advertising. The pros to mailing postcards is “quick results”. If you have a high pulling postcard and use a quality mailing list, you can actually start seeing response to your postcard mailing within a week or two. The downside is… postcard mailing can get expensive. Still, there are hundreds of thousands of Network Marketers who love building their business by mailing postcards. I encourage you to set a budget… use a high pulling postcard… find a quality mailing list… and stay consistent.

For those who are searching for a less expensive way to build their business… I encourage you to consider placing advertisements in various home business magazines. There is no such thing as building your business for free. Any legitimate home based business takes time, effort and at least a small amount of working capital. And you can start placing ads for an extremely small amount of money. Matter of fact, you can generate THOUSANDS of Dollars a Month… on a monthly budget of $50 or less. It won’t happen over-night… but if you follow this plan and stay consistent, you’ll be amazed at the results.

The only down-side to using this method is that there is usually a 30 – 60 day lag time between the time you place your advertisement and it appears in the home business magazine. That’s just a reality, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  The number one reason most networkers do not utilize this inexpensive, yet profitable business building approach is… short sightedness. I will even go as far as to say the main reason most people fail at Network Marketing or MLM… is because they approach it with a short-sighted, I need money now mentality. Take a serious look at any Network Marketing or MLM compensation plan, and you’ll see they are designed for long-term wealth, not instant riches. Sure, some compensation plans pay out more commissions up-front than others… but the true wealth creation takes time to build.

So the only reason this inexpensive business building method will not work for you… is having an unrealistic focus on instant riches, instead of a realistic plan for long-term wealth creation. Using this business building method is all about LONG-TERM Wealth Creation on a Shoe-String-Budget… not some pie-in-the-sky, “get-rich-quick” scheme that will shatter your dreams and drain your bank account! Grasp that that truth right now and it will save you a lot of heart-ache and frustration.

If you want quicker results… I would encourage you to mail postcards. But if you have a very limited budget… and you’re willing to treat your business like a true home business professional… I encourage you to make a 12 month plan for placing advertisements… and stick with it!!! The plan is very simple: start by placing one or more inexpensive ads… and increase the size and number of your advertisements as your business building income grows. In this great industry there are several home business magazines and tabloids that will run your 2″ ad for $30 a month or less. Here are several you might want to check out.

Shore to Shore Magazine CHA Services PO Box 1980 Rogue River, OR 97537

Introduction to Mail Order G&B Records PO Box 1660 Conway, SC 29528

Small Potatoes Express Magazine PO Box 397 Buffalo Lake, MN 55314 (320) 848-2527

This is just a small list to help you get started. Do some research and you’ll find other home business magazines and tabloids that also offer inexpensive advertising Start where ever your budget allows. Maybe that means placing only one ad per month to begin with. That’s fine. Just be ready to increase your advertising as your start generating an income.
Once you start to generate an income… increase the size and number of ads you place. Some of the larger circulation magazines can charge $200 or more to run a 1″ ad… and $2,000 – $3,000 to run a full-page advertisement. But if your network marketing business is growing, your income can off-set the marketing costs… and the continuous advertising can cause your business to explode with growth.

If you’re going to be placing larger ads in magazines with larger circulation, I would encourage you to check with Wolf Enterprises. (321) 449-1211. They offer some of the best advertising pricing in the industry. But if you’re going to start out in the smaller magazines and tabloids… and your monthly budget is $50 or less… you should contact each one of them individually… or check out some of the various “Ad-Sheets” in the industry.

When it comes to “cost per qualified lead”… placing display ads in home business magazines is your best value! Just be aware of the lag time.  Let me say this one more time: There’s only one reason why most Network Marketers don’t use this method in building their business: they’re inpatient. They’re looking for a “get-rich-quick” scheme rather than a legitimate home business. You’ll never succeed with that mentality. You will simply waste your time and money.  On the other hand, this simple success plan can help anyone to be successful in Network Marketing… even if they have a very limited budget. Just take action… and stay consistent!

Place small advertisements in home business magazines. Remain steady. Increase the number of ads and size of ads as your business grows. Be consistent for at least 1 full year. Be patient! And watch your business grow. That’s the plan. Now go work your business.


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