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Comfort Zone Marketing

A Complete System for Building Life-Time Wealth
in ANY Network Marketing Program!


Learn how I built an MLM Downline of over 12,000 members...
and how YOU can Do the Same!

My name is Art Rayburn, and I am the developer of a Network Marketing business building system known as Comfort Zone Marketing.

When you purchase my e-Manual at my ridiculously low price, you'll learn all the tips, tricks, tools and system I used to build a massive wealth producing MLM downline!  This e-Manual is available for Instant Download and is filled with over 40-Pages of 100% Generic information that can turn your floundering MLM opportunity into a Massive, Money-Producing Home Business!

When I got involved in Multi-Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing, I listened to my sponsors and tried "face-to-face" marketing... "cold calling"... the "3-foot rule"... and I even spent a lot of money setting up a booth at "trade shows."  And after 4 years of struggling, the only thing I had to show for my efforts was a pile of debt and a lot of aggravation!  As many other Networkers before me... I failed miserably!

But then I started studying the industry and I developed an extremely simple system that was easy to duplicate... could be worked completely by direct mail... and didn't require me to be some kind of "super salesman."  The key to my system is that it's easy to duplicate and it worked for even the shyest person in the world!!!  To put it quite simply... my Comfort Zone Marketing system worked like a charm... and I built a downline of over 12,000 Members! 

After developing such a large downline, I become the National Marketing Director for an MLM Company called VitaCheck... the Senior Editor for Step One Magazine... and I was featured in the book, Network Marketing for the New Millennium

I have now packaged my simple, yet extremely effective business building information into a fact filled e-Manual that you can download right now!  I don't like to read a lot of "filler" or "fluff"... and you probably don't either... so I have filled this e-manual with over 40-pages of hard hitting information needed to turn any MLM opportunity into a Downline Building Machine!

Here is just some of what you'll learn in this straight-to-the-point Success Manual:

bullet The #1 Reason Ordinary People fail in MLM... and how to avoid it!
bullet How to know if Network Marketing is right for you!
bullet How to choose the Right MLM opportunity that fits your situation.
bullet Simple techniques used by MLM Professionals to amass Financial Fortunes.
bullet The difference between a Real System that works and so-called "systems" that don't!
bullet How to develop a Turn-Key System that works for Ordinary Individuals!
bullet System works for even the Shyest Person in the World!
bullet Creating a complete Direct Mail System that requires No Internet Skills... at all!
bullet Simple step-by-step instructions on developing a System that can sponsor up to 20 new members per month or more without making one single "cold call."
bullet Sample Advertising Copy that pulls like a freight-train!
bullet Sample Postcard Design.
bullet The 4 Parts to an effective Postcard Campaign.
bullet How to set up and run your own Advertising Co-op.
bullet A simple shift in thinking that can save time and money in marketing expense!
bullet Various Articles that help you "fine-tune" your recruiting system.
bullet Plus much more!

And as an Added Bonus... I'll give you step-by-step instructions on how to Print Labels using Microsoft Word and Excel.   This information alone is a $9.95 Value... but you get it FREE as part of my Comfort Zone Marketing e-Manual.


Now lets talk price.  If you're like me, you've probably seen MLM manuals available at all sorts of price ranges.  I've seen some MLM Training Courses that cost between $995 - $1,995.  That's totally outrageous!  And those training courses teach you NOTHING that you won't learn in my concise Comfort Zone Marketing e-Manual.  The difference is that those Expensive Training Courses are filled with "fluff"... "hype"... and a lot of "Rah-Rah, go-get-em'-boy".  Comfort Zone Marketing is not!  It's only filled with the hard-hitting, straight to the point information you need to succeed in ANY MLM program.

I could easily charge $99 for the manual.  But I'm not.  I could easily charge $59 for my Comfort Zone Marketing e-Manual and sell it all day long!  But I'm not.  The cost to purchase and Instantly Download my Comfort Zone Marketing e-Manual is Only $27.00.

Why am I selling my Comfort Zone Marketing e-Manual at a such ridiculously low price?  Very simple.  I run a Business which also offers discount mailing lists and discount advertising.  And just maybe, some who read my manual will order one or the other, somewhere down the road.  If they don't... that's fine too.  I'll still make a little money and have the satisfaction of knowing I helped educate another home business entrepreneur on what it takes to build a successful, money-making MLM business.

So if you're ready to learn how I Built a Downline of over 12,000 Members and How You Can Do the Same... then go ahead and order my Comfort Zone Marketing e-Manual for the low, low price of only $27.00.


Only $27.00

Orders are securely placed through Clickbank.  Once your order is placed, you can Instantly Download the Comfort Zone Marketing e-Manual... even if it's 2:00 am!


When you purchase Comfort Zone Marketing, you can order with confidence.  All orders are processed through a 3rd Party Processor called Clickbank.  You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Car or Online Check.  If you are not completely satisfied with my Comfort Zone Marketing e-Manual... simply request a refund from Clickbank within 60 days and get a complete refund. (Less any Clickbank fees)  All I ask, is that you Do Not duplicate my manual in any form or fashion and that you delete it from your computer.


I've known Art for almost 14 years!  Bottom line: the system he created makes money!  I have tremendous respect for Art, and trust his ideas and leadership!  Listen to this man if you want to make money!
                                         --- Bob Schwartz; Owner Home Business Advertiser


Only $27.00


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us my email.



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