About Art Rayburn

I have been in the Home Business and Network Marketing industry since the 1980s.  I have also been a Music and Youth Minister and Pastor throughout the years.  I have served in various churches throughout Texas and New Mexico.

As with most individuals, I needed to earn some extra income, so I joined an MLM program during my mid-20s.  Even though I tried everything taught me by my sponsor and the company… I failed miserably for the first 4 years!

Trying to build a home business was very frustrating at times and I felt like I was spinning my wheels, but I never gave up.  Instead, I decided to study the home business industry to discover what would actually work.  After several years of failure and several THOUSAND DOLLARS spent on various programs… I finally created a system that helped be build a Downline Team of over 17,000 members in only 3 years time.   I call this system “Comfort Zone Marketing.”

Over the years I have served in various capacities to several MLM companies.  I was the National Marketing Director for VitaCheck… the Editor of Step-One Magazine (MLM magazine)… and top distributer with various MLM programs.  I am now the owner of The Rayburn Group.

The purpose of this website is to help network marketers learn from my mistakes and knowledge.  Not only do I want to help you steer clear of the mistakes I made… I’ll also share with you Professional Tips and Techniques that will help you Make the Most Money Possible from the comfort of home.
Thank you for taking the time to view my website.  I wish you the best in all your endeavors.

Art Rayburn